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What is a
"Free Store"?

We are a 501c3 non profit that distributes precious resources like clothes, shoes, ready to eat meals, items that make living on the street easier, first aid support and kindness for those experiencing extreme poverty like houselessness. We do 100% street outreach, to better serve our community in need. We operate in a picnic styled manner, with low to no barrier requirements for aid. 


We work within our community here in Corpus Christi to empower citizens and small buisness to create viable solutions to our current houselessness crisis. We accept clothing/shoe/blanket donations to distribute at our picnics. We are also powered by small dollar donations and work in collaboration with other agencies and non profits to increase accessibility to resources for our houseless community. 

Collaborative partners

We welcome collaboration with other organizations. Collaboration builds stronger relationships between organizations, which in turn make our goals more achievable. 

We also advocate on behalf of shoppers, in order to help break stereotypes and stigmas associated with poverty and houselessness. 

Want to help? 
Consider Volunteering or Donating to our cause

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